Altering Available Controls for Mobile?

Hey Guys! I’m new to using this service, but it seems like when I resize the video player horizontally that the video automatically adjusts height and width but the control bar does not. As a result, on certain mobile devices, I’m left with the undock video button half visible, which looks a little odd. Is there any way to disable that specific control, or add styling to ensure that the control buttons match up with the current viewport?

Hi @darrell

It looks like the player renders well to 350px wide:

Between 300- 350 px, I see the PiP half in the view.

At 300 px, the picture in picture button disappears, but that’s probably ok (I’m imagining PiP on a tiny screen) :joy_cat:

What screen sizes are you looking to build for? Is 350px too large a minimum, and you need yet a smaller version?