Can I livestream with Facebook rtmps stream URL?

Hi guys,

I found that is very interesting. I am wondering if I can live stream a facebook rtmps with Or do you guys know is there a open source that I can use to develop a similar Facebook live producer using my browser?

  1. I have the facebook stream url rtmps
  2. I would like to develop a studio that allows user to change background
  3. or pop up a photo during live
  4. or send a ticker wording in the live video

is this something can help? Or is there any resources that I can refer to?

Thanks in advance for your help and guidance!


Thanks for visiting the demos for at The livestream one is a very popular one. From our site at, you cannot stream to Facebook (but feel free to use your stream key!)

the code to our app is live on Github. I have successfully used the code to stream to Facebook live with one simple edit to the code:

on line 39 of server.js:

var regexValidator=/^rtmp:\/\/[^\s]*$/;

If you change this to:

var regexValidator=/^rtmps:\/\/[^\s]*$/;

Voila! One character, and my code will now accept your Facebook url+streamkey for streaming.

Have fun streaming!


Wow! That’s excellent! Besides that, do you know if has the feature to create a message on the live streaming? and also can we put a logo on the live streaming? If this is not doable with, is there any open source lib that can achieve this? Thanks for the help!

I’m not aware of any tools that can do this in the browser, sorry.

No problem. Thanks a lot @doug