Can we set minimum bitrate value for any stream

I want to set a minimum bitrate value to maintain the quality of the video. Does support it?


This is a great question, and one where there are very strong opinions in the video community on the correct way to encode video.

Here’s the way we look at it:

  1. Enable all bitrates (video will always play): This allows your viewer to watch the video - no matter the internet connection. If they have a fast connection - the video will look awesome, and be perfect for the device watching the video. On the other hand, if they are watching on a 4K tv, but with a very slow connection, they may not receive the highest quality video - but they will get the video!
  2. Limit lower bitrates for high quality (video might not always play): Folks on fast connections - no worries, they get beautiful video that plays back well. Folks on slow connections - slow video startup, excessive stalling, and a poor video playback experience (if it can play at all).

We’ve chosen to go with option 1, ensuring that playback will occur on any device, on (nearly) all network speeds.

You’re interested in #2. We do have options that may work for you:

  1. Use the Mp4 link - it will deliver an mp4 version of your video at the resolution of the uploaded video. (Note: If you are adding 4K videos, the mp4 will be 1080p).
  2. Use our player, and know that like all adaptive bitrate players, will adjust to ensure that each viewer gets the highest quality video for their screen, while still ensuring fast video startup.

Let me know if you have further questions,