Correlating Analytics to Specific Users

Example scenario: I have 1 video, which is private. I have 10 users in my system. I want to know how much of the video each of the 10 users watched.

In the method to show a video, I know that a unique token is generated because the video is private. So I could generate a unique player URL for each user and save this information in the system.

But in the Analytics area, I don’t see any way to correlate the events to a particular token… only to the video itself. So I am not sure how I can understand how much of the video each user watched.

Is there another approach to achieve the desired outcome, or perhaps I am missing something?

Hi Greg,

The token is strictly for playback, and only works once - you could have a user who uses 2 or more tokens - as they use more than one session t watch the video.

We do not record the token values in the analytics. You can have a private session with metadata. You’ll want to use dynamic metadata to correlate each session to a user. Then query the session data for that user to see if they have watched the video.

I have a few demos that might help: - looks up the last session of a user/video combination, and determines the last second watched - and resumes the video at that point. (not launched yet, but the code is on Github):

This app looks up the session data for each video/user combination and determines if the video has been watched by analyzing each event and summing up the time watched ( If the video has been unlocked, we show the next video in the training. I hope to launch the demo in the next few weeks.


Thanks, Doug. Once again, I appreciate your prompt and helpful response. I found that the blog article ( was really helpful.

Just a suggestion: The documentation on creating the video (Welcome!) does mention that metadata can be dynamic but gives no further clues on how to do this or how it could be used. For those of us that tend to primarily look at API documentation, you might want to expand this a bit.

Great feedback! I’ll work to add this information next week.

Have a great weekend.