Creating live videos


I have some questions regarding the lifetime of the live videos.

When I create a live video, to notify the client the video has ended, when the live stream actually ends, user that is streaming presses a “Stop” button. That causes the camera to turn off and also, an API is called to delete the lifestream video.

If I do that, no video is created to be viewed on demand. So I will need to wait until the video was created. Is there a way to automate this? For example, to notify the application when the video is actually created so that application could safely delete the lifestream?

Second question is regarding lifestream thumbnail. After the lifestream ends and I load “Lives” page inside my dashboard, I see that the video just streamed has a thumbnail with the message “Video is being processed” and that thumbnail stays forever. Is this normal? When I see later that video in “Videos” page, it shows the correct thumbnail for the video.

A final question is this. Is there a way to protect the video? for example, at the moment, if a person copies the IFRAME link inside a new browser window, he can watch de video. The problem is that we need to limit who watchs the video. Person who pays some fee will be able to watch the video, and only once. How can I control this?

I have read about private videos and maybe this will work for that purpose, but when loading a 404 error occured.


Hi Jaime,
A lot of great questions again.

  1. A live stream is a stream of data being processed on our server. When you stop sending the data, there is still a buffer of data being processed (and at the end there is a ‘streaming ended’). If you delete the livestream as soon as you stop the stream, our server never gets the notification that the stream has ended. So, I think this is preventing the VOD from being created.

In terms of notification when the VOD is created, this is not available now. But I’ll put it on our roadmap. the thumbnail added to the livestream, or to the recorded VOD? You can add a thumbnail to the livestream.
This will get rid of the pink guy and the being processed message.

Can you show me where you found that link? The correct URL is:

Private videos currently only work for VOD videos. Private livestream is an item on our roadmap.


Hi Doug,

Regarding thumbnail, yes, I mean the livestream thumbnail. Why cannot it be get automatically according to some video frame the same as done for the VOD?

I will read that private video tutorial and see if it fits for my purpose. The not found link can be found in this post: Creating Private Videos


You have to choose an image for the Livestream thumbnail.

Since the livestream is a pipe (video comes in, and streams out to users on the other end), there are no video frames directly associated with it.

VOD, on the other hand, all of the frames of the video are present, and a thumbnail can be assigned.