Forcing a single player element to load consecutive videos

Hi Olivier and team.

I’m grateful for this product integration, although I’m having issues getting the behavior from the player that I’m expecting.

I have a single player and want to load videos from a playlist. I’ve set the player window to autoplay, unmute and show controls. I’ve created a workflow to play videos in 1 minute increments. The expectation is that as the 1 minute countdown completes, the new video will load an automatically start playing, however, the new video is stuck on loading and doesn’t respect the conditions set in the element window (autoplay, etc.)

I notice the behavior as well as other bugs in the Bubble demo app as well. Sometimes rollover shows a preview on some videos, sometimes not. Api-video-tube

I’m also curious if we can call thumbnail image or other parameters from even though it’s not supported in the Bubble plugin.


Hi @Adam

We’ve just released a new version of the Bubble plugin that should fix your issues.

Be aware that due to some browser restrictions, having autoplay & unmuted together may not work. In case the browser doesn’t allow it, the video playback will start muted.

We’ve also added a new API endpoint in the plugin to retrieve details about a video based on its id. This should allow you to retrieve the url of the thumbnail of a video quite easily, and then display the corresponding image in your Bubble app.