HLS feed to mp4


I have a use case where I need to store an existing HLS feed (H.264/AAC) to mp4. More precisely, for a duration that is not known in advance, I need to record an HLS feed based identified with a URI to a mp4 file.

Since all examples I could see on api.video refer to the opposite use case (that is, upload files and transform them into others or live streams) I was wondering whether this fits with api.video or if I should just keep my Linux + FFmpeg + Google Cloud Storage setup. I’d be grateful if you could point me to an example or the to the corresponding API section.

Thanks !


Hello Philippe!

Thanks for your message.
Unfortunately we do not provide this kind of setup. With the advanced features, we offer the MP4 support for all videos uploaded on api.video .

Don’t hesitate if you have other questions!

Thanks a lot for your answer, nice product, will keep watching what you guys are doing.

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