How are set sessionIds


I noticed a thing not documented in your docs and i would need some informations.

While trying to get view count of a video i noticed that the number of views did not increment no matter how many times i refresh the page (the “My videos” space from my dashboard, or from a player outside of website).

I finally noticed in the console that the sessionId sent to record the events is the same each time, even if i refresh the page or if I watch the video from another location. Both location save events with the same Id and so the number of sessions retreived is still the same.

I am not sure, but I did not notice this behaviour with a private video.

Can you confirm how it works ? And if I am write, for how long after the last event recorded a session is kept if I go back to the video (i mean after a page was closed).

Thanks for your answer.

Sessions are cookie based. I have asked the dev team how long the cookie session is, but tomorrow is a holiday in France, so I likely won’t have an answer until Thursday.


Thanks for this answer, i found more about it based on this cookie information.

The lifetime of the cookie is set on “session”, but if close the brower and go back to the page i still have the same sessionId. The only way i found to generate a new id is to delete the cookie and then reload the page. If i only delete the cookie the events are still set on the deleted one.

If the lifetime of the session is too long (i’m waiting your answer on this), is there a way to request a new Id on JS-side ? In our flow if a person close the window and go back to the video later (event 15 minutes), it should be a new session (and so increment the view count).

Thanks for this support.