How do I start in Livestreaming

Can you please guide me as to how we can test the streaming platform of yours.

We had been streaming for last 8 years on Adobe, WOWZA, Antmedia etc. but we could not take off with



Hi @vms.rakesh.sikka

If you’re looking to livestream, I’d recommend reading our posts on livestreaming:

We have demos on how to stream with your browser, with Zoom, with OBS, on Android with a Raspberry Pi.

To get started, you need an account (sandbox is fine, but to remove the text, you’ll need a production account). Create a livestream with our API - which will give you your streamKey, and also the player URL for your end users. Plug the streamKey into your streaming app of choice, and you’ll be ready to livestream.

You can record all livestreams to save them for later.
All our livestreams allow for 5 minutes of “rewind”
We just launched private livestreams which allows you to give each user a unique viewing url that can be used only once (preventing sharing).

That should get you started