IE 11 Javascript error

We use player on IE11, it’s working, but we have a JS error un iframe, so we can add JS event on it.

Can you pass on the error you are receiving? We’ll investigate.


we have errors :

  • .catch((error) => {
  • and one in minified file

hello, have you some news for us about this bug ? Thanks

Hello, can you please update this task ? Thanks a lot.

Hi - just FYI - our Player developer is working on this.

Thanks, can you please let it know when we can use it ? We launch our website on 19h december and need this before to finish deployment.


Thank you for your patience - this fix is now rolled out into production.
It also fixes the compatibility of the player with IE11 under Windows 7.


Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately we still have the same errors. The player is working, but the sdk can’t be instanciated.

  • A arrow function cause break in the iframe code (on a catch, 103,27)
  • This object does not handle this action (index.js 1, 1960)
  • A syntax error is raised in the js file (index.js, 1,969). As is its a minified file i can not say you more about this.

We need this feature to work to allow a view-back feature on our side allowing a user to continue the video at the latest timecode. For this we need to set a loop catching the playing time and setting it in cookie. With this playerSDK breaking in ie11 the feature is down and this is a big problem for us. Can you investigate this urgently ? Our deadlines are approaching and we are waiting fix since 2 weeks now…

Thanks for quick reply.

I don’t see any update on the github repository (last update seems to 3 or 4 months ago ?). Are you sure the fix is released ?

I see our dev pushed a change to the repo this evening - do you mind checking if this fixed the issue?

No, still have error, see screenshot


The update is available and published on npm and Github. Can you make a update of the dependency in your project please?

Have a good day.

It’s working now !