IE11 ready event not working


The last realeased solved several issues with IE11, but i’m facing a new one specific to ie.

We use a resume-reading system to allow user to watch video from last timecode so the data is set in a cookie.

I inject the timecode in the url as a url-fragment according to the doc you provide. But I always received this message : VIDEOJS: InvalidStateError Video is not ready. (Video.js).

I also tested to do it throught the sdk js player but it seems that the ‘ready’ event of the player is not synchronised with the ‘ready’ event of the video. Event if i try to set the currentTime in the ready event (and when i console.log the player it says it is ready), i receive this same message. Moreover, this is a notice and not an exception so i can not catch it to retry it later. So the video starts from 0.

Any idea on how to cach the ready event of the video ?

Thanks for quick reply, our delay are short to fix this.

Hi @e.courdoisy,

Fix has been pushed to production to resolve - can you test on your end?


Unfortunately i tested it with the ie fix you deployed.

Hi - Same error? What are you seeing?

Our previous error was an impossibility to instanciate the SDK.

Here is a screenshot of the console ie. I set an url with a url fragment specifying a timecode to start the video at the required time, but the video is still playing from 0.
I test to set the timecode in a ready event as I said above, but the error is the same.
I think the ready event occured before the video itself is ready so the timecode can not be set. This is specific to ie and works like a charm on chrome.

Notice the message (which is not event an exception i could catch) : InvalideStateError Video is not ready. It mentioned a VIDEOJS source which is on iframe side so i can not do anything about it.

Here the url provided :[userid]=18#api;sdkOrigin:aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDo4MDAw;sdkPlayerId:1;t=173;autoplay;

Notice the fact that the url fragment t is set correctly.

Note that i test the feature after your update. We waited it to go further on this project.

Thanks for your help


A new update has been deployed to fix the issue on IE11 when the player is ready and the start timecode set with url fragment.

Can you confirm that everything is working as expected, now?


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This is working now, thanks for quick reaction !