iFrame console error

Hi there!

I’m started using api.video this week. So far, it is a very nice service you offer, and I’m really please with it.

While playing with the PHP SDK, I saw an error in my browser console. It occured with a livestream iFrame. I check edon the on my api.video dashboard (go.api.video/livestreams) just to be sure I didn’t messed something up, and it was there to. I use the sandbox for the moment, but I plan to upgrade very soon. Is it normal to have this error?

Error : Uncaught TypeError: .map(…).find(…).match(…) is null p.js > getDomain()
I’m using FF 84.0.1 / Chrome 87.0.4280.88


Hi there @agence1
Happy new year. We’re really glad you plan to upgrade soon! This error is happening in any instance of the player. This is an issue with a 3rd party, and we’ve notified them about this message. I don’t have a time to resolution on it, but as does not affect playback in any way. It’s just clutter in your console when you’re debugging :smiley: