Launching a new way of processing video

We’re super excited to launch Progressive Upload today!

:face_with_monocle: What is it?
A new approach focused on speed! Let your users simultaneously create AND upload their videos, making their content available in seconds, just after they end their recording.

Know more with this tutorial

:dart: Who is it for?

  • A social app: by letting users record videos in a click.
  • A messaging or e-learning app: by recording screen and camera to share ideas.
  • A video-conference solution: by getting a high-quality video recording available right after the meeting.
  • IoT and ground cameras: by getting recordings of what they see in seconds.

:facepunch: See it in action and let us know your thoughts:

:pray: Your support means everything to us!
Progressive Upload has been launched today on Product Hunt. You can check us out here to share some love.

Happy building!