[Plugin] The new api.video WordPress plugin

:fire: We’re pleased to announce our WordPress integration on the Wordpress plugins directory.

This plugin will allow you, in a few clicks, to:

  • embed any of your videos in your WordPress content using our HTML5 video player

  • manage your videos from your WordPress admin interface: list all your videos, upload a new one, and edit existing ones

All you need is:

  1. A WordPress website :nerd_face:
  2. An api.video API key (get a free Sandbox key here)
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We like to build our own custom Html video player for live stream, though the player is ready, the URL returned for the video is not supported.

We do not want to use iframe, and since we are using custom WordPress development we do not want to use the video URL (playing the video on another link) as this would defeat the purpose of controlling the video to only registered users.

We’ve also tried the custom video player made available by API.video but the control is minimal.

Do you have any suggestions or is there a way to return the video link supported by the Html video player?

We hope to get your quick response so we can continue with our development.

Thank you.

Coventi Developer team

Hi there,

I think the problem of the URL being returned as unsupported is due to one of the player-related limitations of this plugin, as mentioned at the beginning of the post

  • embed any of your videos in your WordPress content using our HTML5 video player.

When trying with our player, does the url works fine?, What limitations does our player have for you?