Resolution and bitrate

Wonder what are the encoding profils included in the offer (resolution and bitrates) ?
Thank you

Thanks for your question! produces up to 5 video definitions if the source (ingested video) has enough information to support it. In other words, the video source definition will cap the ABR / HLS videos we transcode.

The definitions are:

  • very low / EDGE network / 360p @ 400kbps (baseline)
  • low / 3G / 480p @ 1.2Mbps (baseline)
  • medium / ADSL / 720p @ 2.5Mbps (main)
  • high / 4G / 1080p @ 4Mbps (high)
  • very high / fiber network / 4k @ 16Mbps (high)

Hope this helps!


Update! :smile:

The webservice has now an additional video quality: 240p!

This quality allows videos to play on 2G and degraded 3G networks. All future videos will enjoy this update.

Here is an example of 240p quality:

Moreover, the segments duration now goes from 6 to 4 seconds! As a result, it reduces latency and improve loading performances.

See you soon on!


The current table of resolution and bitrates supported at is:

Resolution FPS Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate
240p 18 250 KBPS 96 KBPS
360p 25 800 KBPS 128 KBPS
480p 25 1400 KBPS 128 KBPS
720p 25 2600 KBPS 128 KBPS
1080p 30 4400 KBPS 128 KBPS
2160p (4k) 60 16000 KBPS 128 KBPS