RTSP supported?

Hi everyone,
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Can you please tell us if RTSP is supported by api.video.
Actually we are using PedroSG94 (GitHub - pedroSG94/rtmp-rtsp-stream-client-java: Library to stream in rtmp and rtsp for Android. All code in Java) for Android.
Otherwise how can we livestream with H265 4K from android (because RTMP seems to support only H264).

Thanks a lot

Hello @diego is there any feedback on this point?


Hello Tim,

I don’t think RTSP is supported. I didn’t try it but our Livestream feature is based on RTMP, also as you mention streaming in 4K is not currently available.


Hi Diego
If i’m not wrong

it says here 4K 60 fps encode.


Hi Tim,

You are right, sorry for misunderstanding. We do support 4k 60fps in H264 but not H265 because as you mention RTMP I think doesn’t support it.
After consulting with the team, what is mentioned in this article is more about VOD and not LiveStream.
Although I did a LiveStream using OBS with the following resolution 3840x2160 (it works), we can’t confirm that the QoE will be the best in delivery, it depends on many things.
I definitely recommend you to try it for yourself using sandbox and see if it fits your needs.