Streaming feature

Hello, we need to use live streaming, but we already have RTMPS link, can we use streaming solution with link ? I can’t see this in backoffice.

Hi @e.courdoisy

If you already have a RTMPS url, you do not need to use - just connect your live stream to that url. If you were to livestream using our service, you’ll have an RTMP url that points to - and the stream will be processed by us.

are you looking to stream to two locations at once ( live stream and another?)



I’m not sure to understood, we have RTMPS link but we need host to have embed on our website ?

If you want to use an live stream, you must first create a live stream in your account. This will give you a RTMP url at For example, the RTMP url for is:


You must send your video feed to this url. There will be a player URL and an iframe URL for playback on your page.

I’m not sure where your existing RTMPS url is pushing the video to (all our current streaming uses RTMP), but I do see 2 live streams in your sandbox account. if you visit, and click sandbox, you will see your live streams. Click on them to get the livestream information (RTMP and player URL).

I hope this clarifies things, but feel free you reach out if you have further questions.