Support for Custom Domain/DNS

Is there any support/ability or future roadmap to allow custom dns/domain names so we are able to use our brand within the embed/link structures.

Setting a CNAME or A record


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Sorry for the delay, we missed your message somehow.
We have been asked a few times about this feature. It is on our roadmap for the longer term (for the end of the year). How critical would that be for your use case? Happy to discuss this further in a call if you want to :slight_smile:
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Thank you for your response.

It’s fairly critical, especially for the live stream. I need my customers to associate my platform as my platform and brand. As currently it is all branded - the RMTP address for use in OBS, and I can’t seem to use my own player to pull the livestream video source - I have to show it as an embed using your player, which then shows your logo and ‘Live Stream has not yet started’ unless I’m missing something?

I need this to be white labeled, and I would have thought it would have been considering I am paying to use the service.



Thanks for sharing this context, this is helpful feedback that will help us for building the feature later in the year.

Until then, as we don’t support custom domains yet, to make your content “branded”, you can:

  • apply a personalized thumbnail of yours before the start of the live stream
  • if you generate recordings from the live sessions, you can apply a watermark to the recording, with your logo for instance.
    Also, feel free to use any player, you don’t need to use ours to make your stream work.