Test my account for upload JS

i upload file many.html from gitHub
for test
testing OK
but i want upload into my account
i change
const url =“https://sandbox.api.video/upload?token=to1R5LOYV0091XN3GQva27OS”;
const url =“https://ws.api.video/upload?token=XXXXXXX”;

but test is not OK

How i can fix

Hi @a0356582347

Thanks for joining api.video!

You are using the delegated token endpoint - for which you need to generate a delegated token

This works like a public API key - usable only for uploads, while your API key can be used for any API call in our system. In your code above - you’ve used your API key, which will not work.

I have edited your post above, but I would suggest that you regenerate your API key on the dashboard my.api.video to prevent any unauthorized use of your account.


Thanks for replay
I get delegate token and test upload again
The video save into my account OK
But when view video , i see the text

for development purposes only

How i can fix

Hi. -

It sounds like you created your delegated token with your sandbox API key - so any videos uploaded with that token will appear in the sandbox (with watermarks).

If you create the delegated token with your production API key - videos will be uploaded into your production account - no watermark.


Maybe i testing OK.