Track usage based on users from 3th party app


We are planning to do a startup based on your services. You have defined plan packages and then you switch to pay-per-use.

We plan to do something similar for our clients, eventually they will upload/transcode/stream videos to using one main (ours) api video account.

Is it possible somehow to track this usage for our future clients?

Maybe we send some metadata when we use your apis, and then your system can give some summary for specific video or livestream?

Transcoding time, storage used, total delivery in minutes.
Basically we need to know how much the service will cost us per client using our application.

Thanks and best of luck with this awesome project!

Hi yshterev,

We provide the ability to create Workspaces to separate your customers.
In each workspace you can have a owner (you) that will be billed and members that are allowed to upload data.

This way you can manage more than one workspace and be billed separately for each customer.
Each Workspace has its own monthly usage detailed:

  • number of minutes of video transcoded
  • number of minutes of video delivered
  • total number of minutes of video stored

You’re also able to add metadata on each video if you wanna create a sort system on your side.

As community is mainly for practical developement purposes (you’ll have answers from users), I recommend that you contact us through our chat if you want some more details.


@example Thanks for the feedback. Workspaces seems like what we are looking for.
Do you have api support for the workspaces? I can’t seem to find any documentation.

Hi @yshterev Workspaces are only supported via our dashboard at the moment.