Trim or encode video


Is it posible to before or in the same process of upload a video especify just an amount of time of the video to be uploaded?

Is there some way that also before or in the same process to encode a video in H264 format?

I just tried to make a long video upload as the documentation says but it doesnt work (probably because the architecture of my app) so I’m looking for alternatives.


Hi there,

There is no way to programatically trim the video (you would probably want to do that in your app prior to upload). If you are building a web app - look at using Blobs to break your video into chunks. MDN reference on Blobs

When you create your video, use “mp4Support”:true to encode the video as an mp4.

I’d be happy to look at how you split up the video (or we can look in our logs to see what we received in your upload). Let me know the videoId of the video you were trying to upload.