Upload and share your 360° videos! 🚀

Hi everyone!

We are glad to announce that it is now possible to upload a 360° video on api.video! :grinning:

360° video (spherical video or panoramic video) is the process of capturing video in all directions, including up and down, to create and share an environment to an audience.

:page_facing_up: Requirements

360 videos aren’t like normal videos, they require a special kind of encoding and streaming to share them with the world. api.video takes care of all the hassle. So you only need to get your 360° videos ready.

:mag: How to upload them?

Upload as a normal video. You should only get “Panoramic” to “True” to enable the video to be displayed in 360°.

Here is the link to our documentation.

Share your 360° video project with us!