[bug?] I am able to upload multiple videos with one access_token

Once I generate an access_token, I create two video containers consecutively. Then I can upload two video assets to the two different videoIds using the same access token. After the videos have been uploaded, the access token expires. Is this the expected behavior? Or should I only be able to upload one video per access token?

Hi - good question: The access token is not “per access” but grants the holder access for 1 hour (3600 seconds). You can do as many API cals as you would like with that token during the hour

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Ok makes sense. A concern I have then is users uploading more content than they should once they have access to a valid access_token. Probably unlikely to happen, but still a possibility. A feature suggestion I have would be to either have single use access tokens and/or a setting on go.api.video to limit the number of minutes each access token is allowed to upload.

Sorry for the delay in reply - I just saw this. I will pass this on to the dev team.