JAVA SDK is out! ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hi guys!

Java SDK is finally out!

  • :spiral_notepad:Here is the documentation
  • :ok_hand:The SDK is based on Unirest http client
  • :wrench:The minimum Java version to use it is 1.8
  • :computer:The Java SDK can be used for a web or desktop app
  • :key:To get started:
  Client client = new ClientFactory().createSandbox("YourApiKey"); 

  // Upload a new video 
  Video video = client.videos.upload("/path/to/file.mp4"); 

  // Get its embed code 
  String embedCode = video.assets.iframe; // <iframe src="..."></iframe>

This is an Alpha version so it can evolve and any feedback to improve it is welcome!