New backend - dead-simple interface to display your videos!

Hi guys! :wave::wave:

Beside the improvements of the webservice, we focused our 2019 efforts on delivering tools and development kits to simplify your integrations. :toolbox:

After releasing the PHP, Java, NodeJS, Go, Android and soon iOS SDKs, we are glad to introduce the Backend, a dead-simple interface that will display the data from your production and sandbox accounts. can also be used as your main interface considering that you can upload and manage your videos directly from it.

:thinking: How? Directly from your account, click on the “Backend” link.


:arrow_right: Then choose in which environment you want to be (production or sandbox).
Once there, click on the “Upload” button or simply drag and drop your video! And it’s done!

:point_right: To get your embed code, click on the </> icon and it will be copied on your clipboard!

:iphone: Access the backend from your mobile and directly record or upload videos from your device.

:wrench: Some features available:

  • Edit title, description and metadata
  • Customize thumbnail
  • Add captions
  • Preview your live streaming events through a web browser

:bulb:Here are some use cases that might help you:

  • Visualize of all the activities on your production account or sandbox;
  • Provide an immediate way to your end users to manage the videos uploaded from your integration;
  • Get an easy way to record and upload videos from your smartphones thanks to its responsive interface;
  • Or just benefit from the features even if you are not a developer!

Try it now and tell us what you think! :wink: As usual you can subscribe for free and use the free hour included and no bandwidth fees!

See you soon on!


Hey Anne,

What is the new pricing structure? That’s 5USD per uploaded video hour correct? What is the maximum quality rendered? Are there any limits to the number of streams created? Also, do we pay for traffic separately? I see we need to pay for whitelabel.

…just want to check if this system still makes sense for us financially.


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Hi Marius!

Happy to help!
The pricing structure does not change. As you said, it’s 5 USD per hour uploaded. You can upload a video up to 4K (for Premium and Business plans). However with the free account the quality is limited to 720p.

  • Are there any limits to the number of streams created? You can create as many live streams as you want.
  • Do we pay for traffic separately? I see we need to pay for white-label. There are no fees for the traffic, we do not charge the delivery! Regarding the white-label player, this feature is included in our Premium and Business plan.

I hope I answered all your questions, don’t hesitate if there is something unclear :slight_smile:

Backend update!

:art: You can now create new video players:

  • customize the colors and shape of your player
  • add your logo
  • add the option to forceLoop
  • add the autoplay

This feature is available starting from the Premium plan.