Problem getting only some streams


even when in video.api reference there is no mention about the liveIds parameter to get only some streams, by seeing PHP SDK, I saw that one can pass an array of ids to retrieve only certain streams, however, this does not work.

For example, I have used this GET request:[li68SvXrK5XeB4NVIbQSQ69M]

I know that li68SvXrK5XeB4NVIbQSQ69M does exist, however, all streams are returned.

For testing, I have called this API:[sdfs]

That should return nothing, however, it returns all streams again.

How can I do it?



The API endpoint you are looking for is “Get Livestream”:

For your video, the URL would be:

You can just pass one LiveStreamId at a time to this endpoint.



I don’t want to get only one live stream, but all live streams I have in my local database. According to PHP example, I could call live-streams api with a liveIds parameter as the PHP code shows. That liveIds parameter should be an array of live streams. (, line 43)

My example is considering just one live stream at the moment, but I need to be able to return 2 or more live streams in a single api call. What PHP SDK shows is perfectly what I need.

By querying my database first and according to that I retrieve certain live streams is faster because I have other data for the videos, for example, a Description field. If I use the callback function and for each returned stream I get the other video data, it could be extremely slow.