Sub folder and video ingest


if I have 500 coaches using my app, would your api service be able to allow each coach to manage their own sub-folder of video content/library to use as response to customers? and can customers have their own sub-folder of video submissions to coach? —and be cost effective.



Hi Roxer!

You’re right, no need to create an account on for each coach but only one. This account will gather all videos from all your users.

You should integrate the upload function in your app ( and use the metadata feature to associate a user with a video.

For example, create a field « author » and insert the ID of your user at the upload:

Then, to show only 3 specific videos to a User A and 7 other videos to a User B in your app, use the List method with the query « author » as a metadata :

Let me know if you need more help!

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Great ! Thank you for the answer :+1: