API UUIDs Changing in the future

Currently, our public resource identifiers are strings composed of a
2 letters prefix + 21 or 22 random letters and numbers.

Later this year, for performance, consistency and better comprehension, they will
evolve to longer prefixes of varying sizes + 22 random letters and
numbers. Here are the changes incoming:

  • video: viQjgzKdvS09yFXs7QZV0j → video_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
  • live stream: liQjgzKdvS09yFXs7QZV0j → live_stream_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
  • player theme: ptQjgzKdvS09yFXs7QZV0j → player_theme_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
  • upload_token: toQjgzKdvS09yFXs7QZV0j → upload_token_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
  • player session: psQjgzKdvS09yFXs7QZV0j →
  • chapter: NO ID → chapter_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
  • caption: NO ID → caption_1BW6YpR22LcgnaHGa3gC2L
    We will update these UUIDs resource by resource (and have already begun with some IDs that are not customer facing)

All identifiers created before a the format is fully deployed will still be accepted on all our public api endpoints, so anything hardcoded today will continue to work. However, if you have any code that relies on the api.video UUID format, you should begin the process to accept these new formats.