Even easier API testing!

The APIs that are the backbone of api.video can be tested using our Postman instance, and many of the descriptions in the docs have examples using cURL.

If you just want to jump in and try the APIs (minus the uploading files APIS - videos and images do not work), check out the “Try It out” feature in our documentation:

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For example - when you try “Create a video” the documentation creates a mock video description that you can “add” to a mock endpoint:

If you use the mocked endpoint, you do not need to add an access_token to the header, and you’ll get a response similar to this:

If you don’t wish to use the mocked endpoint, you can use the “Try It Now” authorisation API to generate an access_token, and actually create this video into your api.video account:

Give this new feature a try, and let us know what you think!