Generate multiple video files

Hi all, is there a way to generate multiple video files from a single file with this or any other service/software?

Hello! :wave: To give you a detailed answer, could you give more context around what you want to achieve - for instance, would you like to use one video to create multiple create video clips?

Hey, cheers for responding.

Ok, for eg, I’d like to have a file with a timeline with say 10 layers & then pass that file (those ten layers) through whatever multi generating software that’s available to randomly generate say 100 more files. Those 100 files would each consist of one (or maybe more) layers from the original file. I did find an online service offering this capability at price points above my pay grade →

There are many easy ways to generate say 10000 images randomly from a single multi-layered image file. However, the site I included above is the only option I’ve come across so far with a solution to doing the same thing for a video file. Judging by their youtube comments, their service has been well regarded. Maybe I need to find a python coder & go into competition with them :).

Hello, sorry for the delay!
Great insight, unfortunately I don’t know about other services doing this. That’s interesting.
Regarding, we are about to release a trimming endpoint to our API - you will be able to programmatically create as many clips as you want from any given video you would have. But the end value would be a video file (HLS for streaming or .mp4 for storing the file). Would that help though? Let me know.