Can I upload a video file with multiple range requests even if the file is less than 128MB

I am working from a limited cloud environment that will not allow me to post a file of size 14MB. So in order to work around this I split the file into smaller chunks (in a way which I believe is compatible with the split command line tool on unix/linux). All subsequent posts (160 chunks of about 100kb) made to the API appear to return correctly with the videoId and when the last chunk is submitted the response returns json data which includes the HLS URL. However I am unable to see the video appear when accessing the URL. I have used both Safari and Google Chrome web browsers.

The documentation states “If your file is more than 128MB, then you MUST upload with multiple range requests.” so my question is can I upload with multiple range requests even if the file is less than 128MB?


Of course, you can upload videos that are less than 128mb :slight_smile:

However I had a look on your account and it appears we haven’t been able to rebuild your videos once all the chunks are uploaded.

This may be due to various reasons: or your original videos (or a chunk) are corrupted or the moov atom is missing.

Can you give us more details about your process?

If it’s private, feel free to use the chat box on down right for a 1 to 1 conversation.

Have a good day!