Large Video Uploads

What is the best way to upload really large files from the browser? Using the File and Blob APIs with a little bit of JavaScript - you can break your huge upload into manageable segments using byterange requests. Read our latest tutorial on how to use this with your video uploads -simplifying the process of your customers adding very large videos, and doing all the work in the local browser!


thanks for the extra information. Much appreciated. I could not upload anything without getting the ‘file too large’ response; even small video’s sized 8 MB. For that, I resorted to the delegated upload endpoint.

I used your guide to create a code that uploads in chunks; it goes pretty well except the following problem:


Any idea what is going on? I made sure all the date was uploaded.



After a lot of trial and error; here is my solution:

Anyone having issues with the above;

make sure your blobEnd is not more than the file size

This drove me nuts for a few hours this week as well.

The blob.slice range is first byte -> first byte NOT in the slice
whereas the header is first byte -> last byte.

The end of the ranges differ by 1.