Large files uploads using Node SDK

Hi there, I’ve been trying to upload Videos larger than 100MB using the Node SDK and have had some issues. I noticed that in your tutorials it says that the SDKs handle large uploads automatically but I found that when I was testing an upload with a file that was around 250MB, I would not receive a response object and the uploading would just finish. I’ve attached an image of my terminal output.

Screen Shot 2020-12-26 at 11.22.45 pm

The video would also not be available in the dashboard as per the next image

The video would obviously work and was available when I used the dashboard upload but I was wanting to upload the videos through a backend service. I’m using the default upload way stipulated in the docs.



Happy Holidays! Thanks for the post! I know I have used load big videos in the past. I’ll take a look on Tuesday when I get back into the “office.”



There was a refactor made recently that seems to break this function. I have created a PR that will fix the bug, but the developer is out this week - we will have this fixed early next week.


Cheers @doug!

Thanks for the quick reply!