H5P compatibility

Hi there,

Did anyone try to use api.video with H5P https://h5p.org ?

For example this is how to use Interactive Video with Vimeo:

I wonder if the same is possible with api.video


Hi Tomek!
I had a look at H5P and they need the .mp4 URL from the provider to add their features and events on the videos.

From our side we chose to deliver videos only through .HLS.

It offers a better end user experience with the adaptative delivery and precise analytics.

I read the comments on the link you’ve provided and Vimeo seems to share the same approach. You have to use a private downloadable link to push videos to H5P which is not the normal use.

Because we deeply believe that pushing .mp4 is an old fashion way to deliver videos on the web, we’ve sent an email to H5P to know if the support of HLS or Dash are on their roadmap.

We will keep you posted!