How to generate the token with your sdk

iam on this page:

ive installed the sdk via

npm install --save

and in my code I import via:

import UploadTokensApi from "";

now how do I use this to call the createToken() method? It needs a http client instance so I did:

 const httpClient = new HttpClient({
      apiKey: "apikey",

and pass this as argument to the constructor

const uploadApi = new UploadTokensApi(httpClient);

    let token;
    try {
      token = await uploadApi.createToken({
        ttl: 60 * 30, // 30 minutes
    } catch (e) {

but get this error:

    at new ApiVideoError (/Users/duc.ngoviet/development/spielwiese/tinytales/node_modules/
    at (/Users/duc.ngoviet/development/spielwiese/tinytales/node_modules/
    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)
    at async handler (webpack-internal:///(api)/./pages/api/addVideoEntry.js:48:21)
    at async /Users/duc.ngoviet/development/spielwiese/tinytales/node_modules/@sentry/nextjs/cjs/common/wrapApiHandlerWithSentry.js:153:35 {
  problemDetails: undefined,
  code: 0

ok i think i got it, i need to use:

const httpClient = new HttpClient({
      apiKey: "apiKey",
      baseUri: "",

it took me a while because on this page API reference · documentation a slash is used in the end of the sandbox url, which does not work! the baseUri needs to be exactly this: and not this:

Hey there,

Thanks for noticing the issue in our documentation! (we fixed it)

The main question is, what token are you referring to?

If we are talking about the Access Token, the client library will generate it automatically (after you pass it the API key). If you are referring to the Upload token, you just need to initialize the client with the API key and then request for the upload token.

More information about authentication, can be found here: Authentication and refresh tokens · documentation

Upload tokens:

Hi, the steps you said by just initializing with the api key is not correct to request the upload token when using your nodejs SDK. It seems to work as I have stated in my example by creating a http client and pass this to your

Also on the page you provided there is no code example how to retrieve an upload token with your nodejs SDK, but as I said I have a working solution now.

Hi there,

I wouldn’t recommend using the HttpClient directly. In the documentation I’ve provided, you have an example how to use the nodejs API client library, which is the best way to implement your code (let me know if the snippet doesn’t work for you, and we will investigate):

ok I see. This looks much better and the code you provided works, thanks! My IDE suggested this import
import UploadTokensApi from ""; so I thought it is intended… maybe the sdk can be adjusted not to expose it this way.