Super hard to work with nodejs client

Hello, I tried to create private videos with your nodejs api client and came across multiple obstacles.

  1. being on - npm and clicking on VideosApi.create() leads to 404
  2. following Create, deliver, and manage private videos it says its the “public” flag, where in reality when using the nodejs sdk you need to do:
const video = await client.videos.create({
      _public: false

this confuses me a lot because normally underscore is used for private variables - can you please clarify this?

I am using the latest version 2.5.4

Hey @d.ngoviet ,

Thank you for raising this issue. We have recently updated the links in npmjs package’s readme, so they should now be accessible.

Regarding the use of the “_public” flag, it is added by the client generator due to the reserved keyword “public”. While it is common convention to use underscores to indicate private variables, we always recommend to follow the indicated format in our documentation. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


hello @diego ,

thanks for your reply. so according to the documentation at main · apivideo/ · GitHub I should pass

{_public: false}

with underscore.

another question regarding private videos, how do I get the token and then session token described here Create, deliver, and manage private videos with your nodejs sdk?

hello @diego.lazares ,

any updates regarding my last comment?