Know when a video is being played


I’ve been working on finishing the video implementation on my website, and one of my last things to do is to make sure that the user that watches the video can’t watch more than 3 times the length of the video but in order to do this, I have to know for how long the user watches a video. Is there a way to know how long a video has been watched or when a video is being played?


Great question.

So - using our dynamic metadata and our player - you can connect every session with a user. Then you can get each session’s watching information.

In the below demo, I used this data to find the “last second watched” in order to resume the video to where the user left off. (Just like Netflix knows where you stopped binging last night).

The demo is live at

The playback stats on each video would allow you add up all the times between play/pause sessions. You can also see all the seek forward/back to calculate those jumps.