Low Latency support by api.video

Hi api.video community,

On the website it’s said you handle low latency. Can you elaborate a bit on that?

  • What protocol is being used?
  • How is drifting handled (if low latency is supported)
  • Is there a way to synchronize all the players for a live low latency show?



Hi Hendrik!

For on-demand video we use HLS + multiple edge delivery from all continents. Depending of the viewer location, max latency could be ~1,5sec.

About the live streaming, protocols are RTMP+HLS+CDN with a cache delivery on each continents too. Today we have a ~10s. latency and we should be able to reach a ~5s. latency before the end of the year.

Finally, and due to the current latency, we cannot provide a way to synchronize all the players for a show. The appropriate protocol would be WebRTC I guess.


Hi Cedric,

Thanks for your clear and concise answer!


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