Remove download link in player

Hello, How can I remove the download link on the player ?
thanks !

This is a great question!

The downloadable version of your video is the mp4. To prevent the video from being downloaded, set mp4Support to false for each video that you do not want to be downloaded.

If I am posting the iframe embed code where do I put the mp4Support = false? I put it as an attribute in the iframe element but it didn’t change anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Good question! You can change the mp4 support with an API request. You want to use the ‘Update a video’ endpoint, and in your request, you would set the mp4Support parameter to be false. After you make this update, your embed code should show the change you want to see.

You can see a cURL request and samples in Node, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python here:

If you are using one of our SDKs, let me know which one, and I can get a code sample for you.


Oh okay. Thank you I understand now.