Sandbox default player

I need to chose the default player on your end and just get a url to a video, no iframe. (To paste in Webflow Video Element)
I want to basically just autoplay a video on loop and have no control or overlay whatsoever.
Can i test this in sandbox?
How do i reference the player i created? How do i set a default player?

Hi @linusrupp

Thanks for signing up! Anything that is possible with can be run in the sandbox. Your only limitation is watermarking and teh videos are deleted after 24 hours in the samndbox.

You’ll need to set each uploaded video to the player you create. We currently do not have a concept of a default player (but this is a great idea that I’ll put in the backlog!)

another option is to use the HTML commands along with the default player:;loop;hide-controls

The commands at the end of the player url set up the autoplay loop and hide the controls.


Thanks a lot for the reply!
I added the fragments to the url, however they do not work in webflow - i still have no autoplay and all the controls and overlays.
So only if i could attach a customized player to a uploaded video i can see this working somehow. But i dont know how to link player and video in your UI.
but Is it even possible to remove everything and have a video without all overlays and buttons, auot play and loop?
If no then in need another service anyways.

it sounds like your browser may be removing the fragments :frowning:

You’ll need to create a player that works the way you want. When you generate this player (use the GUI at or the api), you’ll get a playerId. Now, when you create the video, or you update a video, you can add {“playerId”: “plXxx”} to the JSON. That will connect the video to the player.