Secure Livestream?

Hey is it possible to Secure a Livestream so that only Users that paid for my Stream can watch it ?


Yes, absolutely.

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How? Cause when I emebed the video player in my website anyone could get the video player Adress or am I missing something?


Thank you for the question. We do not currently have a tokenised approach to create a private live video stream. However, this is a frequently requested feature, and it is on our roadmap.

If you have the webpage hosting the video behind a login - only signed in users could view the video, but if someone read the source, and copied the url, there would be a small potential for the livestream to be shared.

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Sorry guys, the way the question appeared to me via email looked like someone asked me if we could provide that service! (Which we can, but this platform can’t)

Sorry for any confusion!!