Livestream from your user dashboard

If you want to try out’s livestream capabilities - you can now do so right from your dashboard at Once you have logged in, you can livestream from the sandbox or production:

If you have a production account, you can click “production” and stream from your prod account:

(If you don’t have a production account, we’ll need to enter a credit card before you can use production.)

Click start, and you’ll be asked to share your camera and microphone. Once that permission has been granted, you’ll see a preview of your stream:

After a few seconds (once the stream is live for your viewers), the text at the top will change to include a link to the livestream, and you’ll see your livestream on the page.
(screenshot is of a sandbox stream. If you stream in production, there will be no watermark)

When you are done, click stop! And that’s all there is to it! Livestream and have fun with it!


This is great!

It would be neat being able to have a button to start a stream and get a RTMP URL + Stream Key + Player URL, so you can livestream without needing a developer integration even for more serious use-cases (eg. using OBS)

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This is great! I look forward to.

Gábor Rozgonyi

Frampone via Community <> ezt írta (időpont: 2021. jún. 22., K, 21:16):

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Really glad you like this - we’re striving to make using our video tooling easier, and not everyone is super comfortable using the API (but we want to make that less of an obstacle too!)

With just one more click, you can get the RTMP/key/player URL. Just create the live, and then you’ll see it in he list of livestreams. Now click that icon and:

(key slightly obfuscated for obvious reasons…)

Or are you looking for an ‘all in one’ that combines creating the stream with something like In the case of, the key is already created - but it is not a big stretch to create a new stream as well (maybe assign a stream per user - so each user has unique live stream credentials).