I've created a Live Stream, what do I do Next?

So, You’ve created a live videotream - either using our API, or using the demo on your customer dashboard. How do you get video shared on that stream?

You’ll need a few pieces of information about your stream: the RTMP url, the StreamKey, and the player URL.
Now, you have a couple of options to get your stream going:

1.Using your browser: http://livestream.streamclarity.com/ (this requires Chrome, Edge or Firefox). Simply change the RTMP Destination url in the form to yours. Then click connect server, then start streaming. In about 15 seconds, your stream will be live at the player URL (so share that with your viewers!)… If you want to build something similar - the code is on GitHub, so feel free to reuse and build your own version!
2. Use OBS to livestream. OBS is a free app you can download onto your computer. We have detailed the steps to use OBS in this blog post (The OBS is about halfway in - you’ve created your stream already). Once you begin broadcasting - in about 15s, your video will be streaming, again at the Player URL.

If you have any issues, feel free to reach out through the website chat or post a question here on our forum.