Livestream from Browser example

We’ve built a sample app that will allow you to livestream from a browser. Simply create a live stream, and connect the RTMP connection from the website to, and you can stream right form your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Blog post here:
Test it out:

Connect it up to our LiveStream Portal, and you have a proof of concept livestreaming solution that is 100% browser based.

We’d love to see how you might use a tool like this instead of OBS or Zoom or other streaming apps on your phone or computer.

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I really like the idea of streaming from the browser. I managed to set it up to the point that from the webpage it seems to be sending data. However, I don’t see it appear anywhere, not in my live stream when I am logged in to, nor at the link that I have at a dummy website to try it out. I waited certainly more than 20s. I don’t see an error message and I double-checked several times that the RTMP Stream Url that I provide on is the one that is listed under my live stream inside the API account. I use the Firefox browser for sending the stream and the Opera browser to look at the livestream (though that does not appear there).

Am I missing a step somewhere? Where should I expect the livestream to start?

Many thanks.

Hi There - Thanks for trying out my proof of concept (, and I’m sorry you had some issues.

One question on watching the live stream? Were you able to hear the audio from your stream, but not see any video? I looked into our data, and it appears that you might have been streaming at 10 frames per second. This is due to a bug in the way my project is handling the video and creating the stream going to, but I bet the audio worked just fine :slight_smile:

I know that my project works well at 1 frame per second and 15 frames per second. My plan is to optimised my code to handle every framerate perfectly his week.

Give it a go at 15 frames per second, and I’ll update the code to better handle different framerates.


Hi @ lang_valerie

The demo should be working at any bitrate now. Please git it another try, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions :slight_smile: