Integration With ioni


Is there any sample code for showing how the integration is done using ionic framework. We want user to create live stream which other user can join using our app. Any help would be appricated

Hi there,

Are you looking to watch the video on your site? Or stream to your site through the brower?

All livestreams from are available to watch in our player, and have both a url and an iframe to insert on your page.

Streaming from the browser is a bit tougher, we have a demo that works using JavaScript and Node.

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Yes, I want to watch the video on my site. I was able to upload a file using this

But I was met with a 400 Bad Request error. However, I was able to solve that with this code below

Now I’m trying to watch the video on my site.

Hi - what was the 400 error on the first request? It looks like it should be ok, and I am able to get it running on my side.

For the 2nd, it sounds like it worked - were you able to use the player or the iframe response to see the video on your site?

Hi the videos still won’t load for my app

Thanks for following up - what is the response you receive from the API when you upload a video.

Also important to note, in the code above, you are using the sandbox - videos are only kept in the sandbox for 72 hours. If you wish to publish into production, use as the host.