Domain name resolution is unstable


Unfortunately, after some days playing around with I have found a problem that should not exists, and is concerned to domain name resolution.

Every day I have the problem that the name does not resolve to its corresponding IP. The IP itself still replies the PING command but the problem is that the name is not resolved:

This is my PC in Chile

This is my Linux server in Chicago, United States:

This is my Windows Azure server in Washington, United States:

About 5 minutes ago, my Linux server could not find the name also. It is curious that is resolving now, however, look at this for my Linux server:

It resolves, but it stopped resolving once, and then, it resolved again.

Maybe there is some misconfiguration in the load balancer because I have realized that sometimes the name resolves to an IP in France and in other time it resolves to an IP in Canada.

That level of unstability makes the system not trustable. What do you think?


Hi Jaime,

Our 3rd party load balancer went down last night (and they are still down this morning) - exactly when you began to see issues (2100 UTC).

This has now been resolved.

Here is our official postmortem