School is having trouble resolving videos

Hello, we have a school that is having trouble resolving videos. Do you have a comprehensive list of domains/ips that the school would need to whitelist?

We tried having them whitelist and and still cannot play the videos. I’m imagining there are more domains/ips in the chain that are causing this issue.

Hi michael,
I am Thomas from infrastructure team at
Could you give me the video link that you are trying to view, so I can have an exhaustive answer for you.

If you want to have the method to do it on your side, you may have a look at your navigator developper’s tools (CTRL-SHIFT-I) while trying to watch it and look at console for errors.

If it may help, regarding ip address (quite a few since we are talking about Content Delivery Network) here are all the ip range that can be part of the delivery chain

Hi Michael,

When I test my video, and look at all the domains I hit, there are 4 total:

However, & are not required. If I “black hole” them (a trick sending those requests to a dead end),

the video still plays with the 2 you have whitelisted.

So, I do not think that the domains are the issue.


Did the school resolve this issue?