New "stream capture" feature: become a beta-tester!

Hi folks,

We are currently working on a new feature! Our API will allow users to upload videos of unspecified length, with progressive uploads.

This means that soon, you will be able to build screen capture and camera recording capabilities in your apps. For example, you can build applications where your users can quickly record a video and send it.

We are looking for beta-testers for this feature.
If you are interested in participating in the beta and testing this new functionality in your apps or integrations, please reply to this message or contact us via our website chat.

Happy Building!
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Oh you have no idea how we were just trying to create our own way of doing this because no one else offered it. We DEFINITELY want to be beta testers. The email we have a paid account under is


Hey @ronald well that is great news! Very happy to work on this with you. I just reached out via email :slight_smile:

I can beta test for you.