New watermark feature

The community had been asking for it for a long time

We are now releasing our new watermark feature! :partying_face: :tada: :gift:

What’s a watermark?
A watermark is a static image that is directly burnt into a video. For example, you can use it to display the logo of your product on your video.

What’s the release about?
:woman_technologist: New API routes to upload, list and delete watermarks
:stars: Upload any image, in PNG or JPG format, to use as a watermark
:triangular_ruler: Position your watermark based on CSS inspired attributes
:sunglasses: Adjust opacity and size accordingly

Check it out, or read our implementation tutorial and let us know your thoughts!


Hi @Alexandre, how do you add a watermark to a video via a delegated upload?

@doug Can you help with the above?