New watermark feature

The community had been asking for it for a long time

We are now releasing our new watermark feature! :partying_face: :tada: :gift:

What’s a watermark?
A watermark is a static image that is directly burnt into a video. For example, you can use it to display the logo of your product on your video.

What’s the release about?
:woman_technologist: New API routes to upload, list and delete watermarks
:stars: Upload any image, in PNG or JPG format, to use as a watermark
:triangular_ruler: Position your watermark based on CSS inspired attributes
:sunglasses: Adjust opacity and size accordingly

Check it out, or read our implementation tutorial and let us know your thoughts!


Hi @Alexandre, how do you add a watermark to a video via a delegated upload?

@anon89371750 Can you help with the above?

Hi @Seth,
Apologies for not getting back to you earlier.
Our delegated token only handles video upload. So, unfortunately, you cannot use it to allow your users to perform other actions, such as adding a watermark. I will add your idea to our list of feature requests though. Also, let me know if you want to explain further why you would want this implemented, or if you have any other questions.

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Hi @Alexandre, I see, I don’t need to give the end user control to add their own watermark but I do need to add our company branding as they have uploaded it on our platform. Is there any way round this? I still need to secure who can upload videos to our account (i.e. don’t expose our credentials) and add a watermark.

Kind regards,

Hi @Seth
I see 2 options:

  1. if you rely on our player, you could add your company logo onto the player. However, this would only be an overlay and the watermark wouldn’t be “burnt” onto the video.

  2. after your user uploads their video, you could create a video, with source: the video id of the video that your user just uploaded, and the watermark of your company (you would need to upload your your watermark as a previous, separate step). This would generate a watermarked version of your user’s video.
    However, this second option implies you create another video every time a user uploads a video, which delays the time before the watermarked video can be accessed. Also, if you go this way, you would probably want to create a logic to delete the first video after the second one is generated.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Hi @Alexandre,

Option one is not a starter to be honest. It wouldn’t ever show in native players only of desktop.
I’m not against option two but we would incur twice the encoding costs wouldn’t we?

Could you allow a watermark to be added via the update video api as long as the upload hasn’t been completed or started?

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Hi @Seth, sorry for the late reply, I am now back after a few days off.
You are right regarding option 2: it incurs double encoding costs, and also double hosting costs, that is why I was suggesting deleting the original video as soon as the copy with the watermark is ready. However, nothing can be done to prevent the double encoding costs if you go this way.
Regarding how to handle this better in the future, also so that it doesn’t incur double costs: not certain it could be done through the update a video api route because the video would have to be encoded again to apply the watermark.
However, the delegated watermark upload solution you suggested could be something we add to the delegated upload generation API route. Added that to our feature requests list. If we were to implement this, which video volume would you expect? Asking to help prioritize your request. If you prefer to not share this here, you can also email me back with these details if you wish to.