React native : Capture frames to process

I have a question that in Reactnative-live-stream there is a variable to store the data frames or output video ? I wanna implement Make up on this livestream API using Python. So that I need data frames to do it ( maybe the frames of stream or video stream)
By the way, I would like to know how to show my output to live stream ( Output of Python file is processed frame(or video)).
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Right now, there is no way to have access to the RAW video frames in react-native-live-stream.
But having filters on video is a raising concern but it is far from being an easy implementation. Moreover, the performance of such filters + live streams might not be satisfying.

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Hey @nguyenvanhop1999 great question!

Although we don’t have a way to capture frames at the moment, can you please provide a bit more context on the use case? you can also reach out to me directly ( to discuss any further implementation questions :slight_smile: